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  • Team - People are the Core of our Company.
  • Guidelines - Few but central Principles reflect our Thinking and Action.
  • Structure - Corporate Form and Structure guarantee Reliability in every Respect.
  • Location - Versatile Infrastructure and scientific Proximity to the RWTH Aachen.


Our team consists of people with different career and life plans, professional backgrounds and abilities, interests and characters. The unifying attitude is that we value partnership, trustworthy and professional cooperation.

  • Dr. Gero Heidelberger

    Dr. Gero Heidelberger

    ...has been an advisor, (interim) manager and lecturer for more than 15 years, including four years as a partner to a well-known and internationally active management consultancy. In 2017 he founded the Lizard Group.

    He collected a wealth of knowledge in fields of technology, business and classic management disciplines. He studied business administration, electrical engineering & information technology at the RWTH Aachen and the ETH Zurich. At the Research Centre Jülich he did his phd in applied semiconductor physics.

    His strengths include methodological and structured thinking and acting. In cooperation with people, he gives orientation and supports them pragmatically. And if necessary, he requests results with diplomatic sense but clear emphasis.

  • Frank Brill

    Frank Brill

    ...has focused on the development and optimization of supply chains over the last 20 years of his professional career. As Operations Director for an international media group, he was responsible for managing the supply chain in a 3PL environment.

    His main areas of expertise are the planning, execution and performance review of local and international logistics projects. Another focus is on the implementation and further development of ERP systems and logistical key figure systems.

    His strengths lie in the moderation and coordination of various process and project partners, especially in the Anglo-American environment.

  • Melanie Heidelberger

    Melanie Heidelberger

    ...has focussed on internal processes within her professional career. After several stages at organizations dealing with legal matters, she worked for a long time at a provider of trainings and seminars.

    She possesses a wide range of skills ranging from business administration over supplier management to legal matters. She studied law and graduated with the second state examination.at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

    Since the founding of the Lizard Group, she has been assistant to the management director and is responsible for legal matters and marketing. In addition, in her friendly but straightforward, farsighted and pragmatic manner she also supports our projects.

  • Bastian Schwalge

    Bastian Schwalge

    …is studying Business Administration at the RWTH Aachen University and is currently aiming for a Bachelor's degree. Since spring 2020 he is working for the Lizard Group. The focus of his work is the support of marketing, sales and management.

    In addition to his broad knowledge of business administration, he was also able to gain practical experience at a well-known and internationally active management consultancy and at the Research Institute for Rationalization (FIR at RWTH Aachen University).

    His strengths include pro-activity, commitment and diverse interests – especially in the areas of innovation management, strategic management and marketing. Furthermore, he has distinct skills in dealing with digital media.

  • Keyvan Mendel

    Keyvan Mendel

    ...is studying Industrial Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Engineering, at the RWTH Aachen University, aiming for a Bachelor of Science degree. Since autumn 2020 he is working for the Lizard Group, focusing on the support of customer projects.

    In addition to university experiences in economics and engineering, he gained practical skills at internationally operating companies in the mechanical engineering, automotive sectors and in special civil engineering.

    His strengths include a quick perception, broad IT knowledge, organizational skills and communication abilities. He has a pronounced interest in renewable energies which is also reflected in his choice to study energy technologies as specialization at the RWTH University.

  • Markus Püttner (Cooperation Partner)

    Markus Püttner (Cooperation Partner)

    ...has worked for more than 13 years of his professional career as the manager of a leading European aircraft construction company and as a consultant for a management consultancy in the field of process optimization - before he founded the company enXion Management Consulting in 2013.

    His main areas of expertise are in the area of production-related topics. He studied electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen and at the Imperial College London. He received his MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs Paris.

    His strength is the combination of conceptual and strategic work in close collaboration with the client and the subsequent IT- and process-technical implementation of the developed concepts.

  • Dr. Axel Kirchner (Cooperation Partner)

    Dr. Axel Kirchner (Cooperation Partner)

    ...has been active as a consultant for more than 15 years, including six years as a managing partner of an international consultancy. In 2013, he and his partner founded the company enXion Management Consulting.

    His expertise is in the field optimization of EBIT-relevant business aspects (e.g. customer benefit optimization, target costing and design to cost of products in machinery & plant engineering, optimization of order fulfillment processes).

    He studied computer sciences at the TU Darmstadt and physics the J.W Goethe University Frankfurt/ Main, the MIT & the University of Regensburg, where he also received his phd. He made his MBA at the Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris.

    His main strengths include the combination of analytical and conceptual work with the development of database-based IT systems resulting in a direct and pragmatic approach to implement improvement measures.

  • Dr. Bastian Marheineke (Cooperation Partner)

    Dr. Bastian Marheineke (Cooperation Partner)

    …has built up his expertise in sales, business development, sales management and general management in over 20 years of activities at TecDAX listed companies, foreign subsidiaries and SMEs. Since 2018 he has been working as an independent consultant, coach and interim manager under the name AquiSales.

    The focus of his competencies is sustainable business development through the establishment, expansion and optimization of international sales organizations, especially for technology companies with a focus on growing Asian business.

    He studied physics at the Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel and the RWTH Aachen University. He did his doctorate in applied semiconductor technology at the University of Ulm.

    His strengths lie in analytical, structured methodology in combination of technical, sales and commercial skills and his intercultural competency, especially in Asia.

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Our guide lines reflect the ideas, goals and expectations of the people who make up the Lizard Group - and as such providing a valuable insight of how we think and act.

  • Satisfaction of our customers is the most important factor for our success.
  • Driving force is our interest in technology, business processes and cooperation.
  • Basic values are sincerity, humanity, transparency and performance orientation.
  • Individual needs and expectations of the individual are important to us.
  • Professionalism and cost-effectiveness are key management maxims.
  • Growth is intended - national and international.


The Lizard Group consists of companies which - each executed as Ltd. firm - have a solid capital basis. In this way, you have a solid partner in every respect.


Our location is the Aachen Technology Center. Here we have modern infrastructure at our disposal, which you can also use for your projects. The geographic location of Aachen - the city of emperor Charlemagne in the heart of Europe - allows us fast and economic travels to your company. And our contacts at the RWTH Aachen University have often proved to be very valuable to our customers.

Lizard Group GmbH

Dennewartstr. 25-27, DE-52068 Aachen

+49 (0)163 75 33 817

info (at) lizard-group.com